What is the production

music committee?

Since July 2014, ICMP, the global voice of music publishing, has established a committee to deal specifically with production music issues. Also known as library music, production music is recorded music produced and licensed primarily for use in film, television, radio and other media.


The Production Music Committee supports the work of production music publishers and composers, navigating the new framework required for the digitisation and globalisation of the industry. The Committee also creates a bridge between the production music and the wider music publishing communities, raising awareness and recognition of the industry. 


By holding all-inclusive group meetings, the production music platform will focus the disparate voices of the production music community and create a forum for debate and learning,” said ICMP Director General Ger Hatton at the time.


The historical ten members of the Committee who were first elected by the production music community were:


  • Alex Black - EMI Production Music;

  • Damian Slonina – Jaguarec;

  • Daniel Kafer - Apollo Music;

  • Edwin Cox - West One Music Group;

  • Juliette Metz - Encore Merci;

  • Martin Nedved - Studio Fontana;

  • Martin Weinert – Intervox;

  • Romano Di Bari - Flipper Music;

  • Sascha Peters - Warner Chappell Production Music;

  • Teresa Carbonell - Konga Music.


Our purpose is to meet regularly with a focused agenda geared around supporting the long term stability of the business, working in close cooperation with ICMP. Once a year, a larger, industry-wide and all-inclusive group meeting of the production music community is hold.


To join the group you must represent a production music business. This means that in all territories where possible, your catalogue must be registered for licensing both performance and mechanicals rights through the established collecting society infrastructure.  To stand for election to Production Music Committee, you must be a member of a Music Publishing Association that is a member of ICMP.

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